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Where To Buy Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a phenomenon. A favorite game of people the world over, it’s one game that you probably won’t find in stores but you probably will find in your cool friend’s game closet.

A cross between a friendly card game and a horrible gross-out competition, you’ll want to find where to buy Cards Against Humanity immediately after playing your first hand. Before you break out your credit card, though, you might want to take a minute to learn about the game. You’ll still want to play the game when you are done, but at least you’ll know what you’re getting into.

What is Cards Against Humanity?

Billed as a party game for terrible people, Cards Against Humanity definitely lives up to its reputation. At its heart, there’s nothing particularly complex about the game – and that’s the point.

The game is a low-complexity competitive card game that depends more on the sense of humor of the players than any real skill.

Think of it as a grown-up fill in the blank game where all the answers are provided, and where the goal is to offend, amuse, and shock all of the other players.

This is a party game intended purely for adults, and only for those who are willing to put issues like “being offended” or “having good taste” aside so they can have a good time.

How Do You Play?

Cards Against Humanity has two types of card – black and white.

The black cards pose a question or make a statement with a word (or words) missing. The white cards have a simple phrase, which might range from the utterly mundane to the insanely shocking.

Players take turns being either the dealer (also known as the Card Czar) or the player, with the players providing white cards to the question. It’s entirely up to the dealer to decide who wins each hand, so there’s nothing particularly objective about the game.

The goal is to accumulate a certain number of winning hands (aka Awesome Points). A secondary goal is to escape the game without losing friends.

Is It Really That Offensive?

This is a particularly tough question, but it really depends on the player. Is there anything in this world that offends you? If so, you’ll probably find it in this game.

The white cards contain statements that, when added to the black cards, can have some pretty inflammatory results. The point of the game, though, is to play on the participants’ love of dark humor.

There’s certainly a great deal in this game that’s going to push your buttons, and you’ll hate yourself for laughing at some of the answers. It really is a wonderful game for terrible people.

What Do I Need?

Aside from the cards themselves, you’ll need a strong stomach and a twisted sense of humor to get anything out of the game. Remember, this is a game that’s meant to shock and appall more than anything else – delicate sensibilities need to be checked at the door.

There’s no complicated score-keeping or difficult mechanics, though, so don’t bother with breaking out the pen and paper for this game. It’s often recommended to pair this game with alcohol if you have a group that’s got a tough time loosening up.

How Do I Get Started?

The great news is that Cards Against Humanity is relatively easy to buy. You can actually buy it right here at the website, or even pick up expansion packs.

Buying online is your primary option, because the game is devilishly hard to find in most retail stores. It turns out that most major retailers don’t want much to do with the game, even if they stock some of the more obvious knock-offs. The internet is the best place to buy Cards Against Humanity at the moment.

Any Tips for Winning?

Aside from figuring out where to buy the Cards Against Humanity so you can cheat before your friends come over, the best way to win the game is to know your audience.

Because the Card Czar changes with each hand, you’ll want to target whatever that particular player finds funny. That means setting aside your own sense of humor from time to time to suck up to the person who assigns all the points. Really, it’s a great bit of practice for climbing the corporate ladder.

Beyond that, try to be patient. There are certain cards that absolutely trump everything else, and you’ll know them when you see them. Don’t blow them on something easy, especially if you have something that works just as well.

It’s better to hold on to a good card while you wait for the perfect moment than to get stuck with a handful of losers, so try to fight the urge to play the most disgustingly perfect card every hand. If you’re patient, you’ll make the play of the game and end up offending everyone at the table.

Cards Against Humanity is one game that you can’t pass up. Whether you’re looking for a great icebreaker with new friends or a way to keep your parties going strong, this game can’t be beaten.

Once you know where to buy Cards Against Humanity, you’ve got to take the plunge – it’s a game the will change the way that you see your friends and the way you see yourself. Don’t delay – buy Cards Against Humanity today.

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