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Where Do You Buy Cards Against Humanity?

Are you tired of having G-rated gatherings with your brethren and tea-parties with your kids? Do you ever wish that you could be the life of the party or the host with the most? Are you that person who everyone seems to forget because you are just that boring? Yes?

Well, this game changes all that.

The Cards Against Humanity game is just what you need. Oh, you’ll still be boring–and forgotten–but the whole town will discuss the outrageousness of the game you exposed them to. They will ask questions such as “Who writes that stuff?” and “Where do you buy cards against humanity?” The game will create a buzz, and your neighbors may just invite you to a party because of it.

Cards Against Humanity Is a Horribly Wonderful Game

Cards Against Humanity is a horrible game. That’s not an exaggeration; it’s the truth.

The makers of the game took everything that was taboo, politically incorrect, ignorant, rude and cynical, rolled it up and shoved it into a big black box.

This game will take your mind and your mouth everywhere it is not supposed to go. It’s the perfect game for people who love to rebel and embrace sin.

You’ll love it right away if you’re a horrible person.

You’ll gasp and cover your mouth if you’re not a horrible person, but then you’ll keep playing the game. Eventually, you will compromise your morals to move on to the next step in the game.

Before the night is over, you will become accustomed to the vile nature of the game. In fact, you will find some of the cards humorous even though every fiber of your being tells you that they are not funny. Yes, Cards Against Humanity is quite a horrible game. It’s so horrible that you shouldn’t even want to see for yourself.

Premium Horribleness at Its Finest

The Cards Against Humanity game consists of 550 cards. The majority of the cards is white (460) and the minority (90) of the cards is black.

All the cards are professionally printed and of a premium texture. Up to six players can play the game, and they can have as many as 13 duodecillion possible rounds, which would probably take the players several lifetimes to accomplish.

The set comes with the original instruction and a set of “alternative” instructions. Extra goodies include a gerbil coffin and a peculiar bar code that pretty much sums up the type of game you’re buying.

The game playing range is between 18 and 75 years old. Parents may not want to expose some of the content to their children because of its non-kosher nature.

How the Wickedness Works

The game has a very simple concept. There are black cards and white cards. There is a judge and there are game players. The person who will act as the judge takes a black card, and all the other people take white cards.

The judge’s card has a question on it, and all the white cards have answers that are comical if you’re horrible.

The game play begins when the judge reads the question. Next, all the people with the white cards have to read their answers to the judge. The judge then chooses the best answer out of the white cards to go with the black card. That person gets to be the judge next? Maybe. Rinse and repeat, and the process could continue all night long.

If You Play the Game, You Will Offend Yourself

What’s horrible about the game is that it covers subjects that are usually censored and not so blatantly discussed. It is an extremely bold game that is also quite addicting for certain parties.

If the game affects you the way the manufacturer intends, then you will feel an overwhelming need to purchase every last one of the expansion packs.

The game truly makes you look at your conscience and see who you really are. If you laugh at just one of these hands, then you are just terrible. No maybes and no compromises. You are just terrible and so are all of your friends.

Humanity’s Response to “Cards Against Humanity”

The game has received reviews from more than 32,000 people. It has zero low ratings and mostly five-star ratings. Some of the comments that came from people who played the game were:

“Yes, it does have some sexual content but…”

“We are probably going to hell.”

“Now, I realize I’m going to be judged as a bad parent for purchasing this game…”

Apparently, the purchasers of this game had no problem being judged as bad parents, being exposed to inappropriate content or suffering possible eternal damnation.

People within that party will have loads of laughs as they read off the outrageous answers from the white cards that often do not make any sense whatsoever. Ironically, it is a top seller, and the manufacturer keeps coming up with additional horrifying expansions.

Serve All Your Friends and Family Members a Dish of Horrible

Where do you buy Cards Against Humanity, you ask?

Click here to get your copy of it so that you can spread its filth to your friends and family members. If you’ve made it this far, then there is probably not much hope for you anyway.

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