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Where Can I Buy Cards Against Humanity And Who Can I Play With?

Shortly after asking, “Where can I buy Cards Against Humanity?”, the average buyer ask himself or herself “Who’s going to play this game with me?”. It’s actually a tougher question than you might think, because Cards Against Humanity really depends on having a great group.

It’s a party game for bad people, and that means you might want to take some time whittling down your guest list before you break out the cards. If you get the right group together, you’ll have a memorable night that might cement friendships and earn you the status of legend. With this in mind, another question must be asked – how do you put together the perfect Cards Against Humanity Group after you buy the game?

Is It Really That Big of a Deal?

First and foremost, Cards Against Humanity is a fun game. This game is, however, actually fairly offensive if you don’t go into it with the right mindset. It’s a game that’s meant to help you satisfy your urge to be a little bit crazy and a little bit wild, one that’s might to poke fun at everything you aren’t allowed to laugh at.

The best way to have fun is to let loose, so make sure that each person you invite is able to have fun and appreciate the game for what it is.

No, you’re probably not going to end any relationships over this game. You might draw cards that are offensive, though, and some of the cards can be a bit much for those with delicate sensibilities.

Putting together a good group is less about sparing people, though, and more about making sure you’ll have a great time playing the game. If you have the right group, though, having a good time is almost a certainty.

The Basics

Cards Against Humanity is one of those games that becomes more fun when you have more people. While you can theoretically play the game with a group of three, you’ll want to expand your invite list out a bit if you want to have a great time. CAH is an ideal party game for groups of ten or more, but be aware that larger groups will make the game take longer.

After an extensive amount of play-testing, it seems that the perfect group is somewhere between five and seven players. This allows for a quick-paced game that still provides for an almost-indecent number of laughs. There’s nothing wrong with going bigger, though, so don’t limit your group just because you want a fast game!

So, Who’s On the List?

Your ideal Cards Against Humanity player is going to have a few outstanding qualities. First and foremost is an ability to stop taking things seriously.

Cards Against Humanity is a game that celebrates off-color humor and zaniness, so taking one’s self seriously doesn’t really work with the atmosphere. Call over your friends who want to have a great time doing something silly.

An ideal player also have a great sense of humor. The vast majority of the cards are hilarious, so make sure to play with people who like to laugh! The funnier the players, the better – whether the humor is straightforward or a little twisted, a funny player enhances the game.

Finally, you want a player who is competitive enough to try but not competitive enough to argue over every decision. A good game of Cards Against Humanity will have a winner (eventually), but that’s not the point.

The competition in the game is just an excuse to play the craziest cards possible.

Win or lose, you’re going to have a good time – so don’t invite anyone who’s going to take the game too seriously. Cards Against Humanity is a game of pure, unadulterated fun, so treat it that way.

Who Shouldn’t Play?

Cards Against Humanity is a game meant for those over 18, so playing with your children is a no-go for any responsible parent. Likewise, you’ll probably want to avoid playing with your own parents unless your relationship is really free of boundaries.

You can also discount anyone for whom your work, with whom your professional relationship relies upon a sense of decorum, and any person who will publicly shame you for the horrible things going on in your mind. While this list might seem extensive, what you’re really looking for are qualities that will dissuade someone from actually enjoying the game.

Creating an Atmosphere

Once you’ve got your group together, you’ll want to keep things light and fun. Cards Against Humanity is an incredibly fun game for anyone who is willing to laugh at himself or herself, so make sure that everyone understands exactly what is going on.

Play a few hands without keeping score so everyone understands the game. This will allow you to not only teach everyone how to play (it’s easy!), but also to gauge everyone’s sense of humor. Once you know that everyone is comfortable, you can start playing without worrying about offending anyone.

Cards Against Humanity is a game for people who want to have a good time, don’t mind going a bit dark and have a sense of humor about themselves. Once you’ve asked “where can I buy Cards Against Humanity“, you can start assembling your group for your first game. If you do it right, you’ll find yourself shocked by your friends, amazed by what they think is funny, and more than ready to play again as soon as possible.

So now that you know what you’re in for, pick up your copy of Cards Against Humanity here.

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