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Buy Cards Against Humanity & Let The Dark Side In

Knowing who you are is a complicated thing. There is no way that you are going to know who you truly are unless you are brave enough to embrace every part of yourself.

There is a certain kind of bravery that you must have in order to embrace the dark side of your heart – and this bravery is unleashed when you buy cards against humanity.

Do not hide your heart because everyone has a little darkness in there.

This is just one of the reasons why some people become addicted to the game when they buy cards against humanity.

Letting the dark side in, or finally exposing it, might fill you up with strange pleasurable guilt. Keep in mind that sharing that guilt and pleasure with the rest of your friends or family members may be an experience that you won’t forget.

Origins: Cards Against Humanity

All games have an origin, including Cards Against Humanity, which is tied to Apples to Apples. Apples to Apples was created back in 1999 and won several awards for being a fun game to play at parties. People were excited to play this sweet and cute game. The gaming community decided that the game was suitable for those who were 12 years of age or older, which meant that it was a safe game.

The objective or task of the game was split, much like the game’s cards were; it was split up by Things and Descriptions. The Description cards would reveal an adjective, and the rest of players held possible Things. The Description card is held by the judge of the round, and the Things cards is held by the rest of the players.

The players submit their Things entry in secret, and the judge chooses the card that matches his or her Description card the best. The player with the chosen card gets to be the next judge and wins a point. The game is interesting and safe, to say the least.

Cards Against Humanity is a different animal, though it is still related to Apples and Apples. It is as if Apples and Apples had a cellar where it held its dark twin in chains. The dark twin was Cards against Humanity, and it is finally free.

Unleashed: Getting to Know Cards Against Humanity

You know the objective of the game, but a few things are definitely different from Apples to Apples. The Description cards are now just called Black cards while the Things cards are now called White cards.

The role of the judge is still the same as well as the players. The difference is the horrible things being said.

What you should remember is that this game is for adults, and it is meant to coax that dark side everyone has inside of them.

The words that usually come to mind when people sit down to play this game are edgy, dark, racy, raunchy, offensive, vulgar, or just messed up.

So, the question in your mind probably deals with the content of this interestingly dark game.

That is a fair question, and it will be answered with a few examples.

Take the Black card with the question, “What did the US drop to the children of Afghanistan?” This is a question that could be answered in many different ways, and the humanitarian in you would probably hope that the answer is a positive one.

There are no positive answers in Cards Against Humanity. You should expect answers like “A lifetime of sadness.”

The truth about this game is it dares to speak about some people’s darkest impulses, and uses them to expose the dark side of people.

If you had a hard time laughing at that White card answer (mentioned above), you might have too much light in your heart. But if you fall into the majority, you might get a kick out of this game.

Another crude example of this game might give you a better idea of the kind of fun that you might be getting yourself into.

A Black card in the game states the possibility of a new Hannah Montana movie and what trauma she might be facing. The objective is that all the players in the game will give any answer, which may result in very guilty laughter.

Take one player’s White card submission that read: “black people.” Another player thought that Hannah Montana would probably be struggling with, “sharing needles” for the first time.

Yet, another player submitted the White card that read, “a tasteful sideboob” just for the heck of it.

Yes, the game goes as dark and inappropriate as the players in your table dare to go, which is the reason the game is really meant for adults. The game does have additional White cards and Black cards that can be added once you feel like you are ready to go deeper into the dark side. There is also an opportunity to create your own White and Black cards, just to spice things up.

There is no doubt that you will be entering a very dark place when you buy Cards Against Humanity, but it is worth it when you think about it. This is the game that will allow you, your significant other, or your friends to truly see each other in a whole new light–a light that you might have never seen before Cards Against Humanity.

For that, you should be thankful, and consider adding it to your collection as soon as possible – like right now by clicking here.

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