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A Cards Against Humanity Buy For Awfully Good People

You know those moments when you think of something horrible but keep it sealed in the gutters of your soul? Those moments do not say that you are horrible, (or perhaps they do) but showing some constraint does give you a few points.

Still, life is too short for you to fill up the gutters of your soul with all those distasteful thoughts. You need a productive outlet, and a Cards Against Humanity buy may be what you need.

You can pick up the game here, right now through Amazon.

Go Ahead, and Let the Darkness Out

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider this game, like the fact that it will show you that you are not the only one who has horrible thoughts. For example, you may not be the only one who thinks that it is not so weird that soldiers die when they go to war.

The Cards Against Humanity buy game is the answer to that alley in your mind where horrible ideas are written on the walls. It will allow you to finally say that America was built on the idea of freedom, just as long as it meant white freedom.

The truth is this game is detestable, but there is some truth peppered in every answer, which makes the game that much more enticing.

The Rules of the Game

The rules are pretty simple: there are two sets of cards to play with. Those sets of cards are divided into White Cards and Black Cards. The Black Cards contain a question or a phrase that the rest of the players can answer by submitting a White Card.

The purpose is to submit a horrible and funny White Card. The players have a few options to choose from. The best submission is chosen by the player who read the Black Card who is also the active Judge. The winner gets a point and also gets to read the next Black Card.

Both sets of cards are riddled with current events, popular culture, history lessons, macabre statements, and even raunchy ideas. What you have to understand is that this game is looking to offend and make you laugh at the same time.

Most players find that playing with a large group of people is the best way to go to get some great submissions.

Innovation Matters for This Game

The game is an ever-evolving game that you can start to personalize more and more as you keep going. Those White Cards and Black Cards can be updated with a whole new set of cards that you can update along with your most twisted friends.

This gives you an opportunity to surprise more of your guests with new and exciting combinations, not to mention that many of them will be meeting a whole different part of you.

Examples That Might Work

Some of you might still be working through the first set of cards, but if you are ready to jump in and start getting a little dirty, then there is no better time than now. There are a lot of ways that you can look for inspiration. For one, you can use your own set of Black Cards; just come up with new White Cards to get started.

Others turn to the internet and use user-forums where other Cards Against Humanity game aficionados have posted some of their own devious ideas for you to use as inspiration. The key here is to have fun, and let your darkest impulses guide you. Yes, this is about the only time that you should let your dark impulses take the wheel.

You can also use some of the following suggestions to make your very own Black and White Cards:

Black Card 1: As a Good friend, I’m Gonna let you Know That (blank).

White Card 1: You’re Proof that euthanasia should not just be for the dying.

White Card 2: Vagi-clean is just not working for you.

White Card 3: Bad Breath is a pre-cursor for death.

Black Card 2: What Are the Homeless Good For?

White Card 1: No questions asked organ donor.

White Card 2: American ‘Save a Cracker’ Foundation.

White Card 3: Human shields against cars or bullets.

Black Card 1: Saying Grace Over a Meal is Like Saying (blank).

White Card 1: Thank you God for choosing us not to starve.

White Card 2: Blessings pre-poop.

White Card 3: Pay attention to us rather than cancer victims.

Of course, the cards can get a lot more raunchy and filled with more adult words. Remember that you will be in complete control when you make up your own cards.

If you have regular playmates, you can make it a rule that everyone comes up with a set number of new cards that get mixed into the deck every time your team meets up for the next game.

You might feel strange and kind of guilty when you start looking up messed up cringe-worthy ideas, statistics, or words for your next get together, but that is what makes the game so fun.

To consider a Cards Against Humanity buy, is to really let go of that happy-go-lucky Apples to Apples (the school-aged version of this game) that some people remember. Instead, you will be embracing a twisted and pleasantly disgusting version.

Go on, and get the game here. you know that you cannot wait to unleash the beast within you and all those you play with.

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