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Where Can You Buy Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity is one of the world’s bestselling card games and once you’ve played it once, you’ll understand why! If you know nothing about this game but you’ve heard of it and you want to know more, or you’re already ready to play and just wanting to know “where can you buy Cards Against Humanity?”, we have all the answers you need, right here. Read on to find out more.

This hilarious and horrifying game is incredibly simple but makes great entertainment at a party or any kind of gathering, however you’re probably not going to want to play it with your grandmother. Why not? Read on to find out more… or just buy Cards Against Humanity right now.

What is Cards Against Humanity?

The concept behind this game is incredibly simple and yet it makes for a hugely entertaining time with friends. The game consists solely of a pack of cards. The original pack contains 460 white cards and 90 black cards. There are also various expansion packs and special edition packs available, with differing numbers of white and black cards.

With these cards, the basic aim of the game is to construct jokes using the black cards as the start of the joke and the white cards as the punch line.

Admittedly, this doesn’t sound too exciting, however you really need to play the game to understand why it has become such an indie success.

These are not your everyday “knock knock, who’s there” jokes. More like the sort of jokes that are so offensive that you feel like a bad person for laughing. But you laugh anyway because it’s impossible not to.

Where can you buy Cards Against Humanity? It’s widely available online from almost every country in the world – more on that later.

How to play Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity can be played with any number of players, provided you have enough cards. To enable larger groups to play, you can buy expansion packs or combine two or more packs together.

Each player starts by drawing ten white cards. One player is given the title of “Card Czar” (the official rules state this should be the player who most recently pooped). The Card Czar reads whatever is on the black card, which is either a question or a fill-in-the-blank phrase.

Each player must then select one card from their ten that completes the phrase or answers the question in the funniest or most offensive way possible. Some fill-in-the-blank phrases require two cards to complete. Each player passes their card to the Card Czar, who then reads out the cards and decides which card is the winner of that round. The winning player receives a point and the gameplay continues with a new Card Czar. There is no guideline to how many rounds should be played so the game can last as long as you choose.

As this is all probably sounding rather dull so far, it’s probably best illustrated with an example.

One of the black cards might read: “What’s my secret power”.

You then may have a selection of white cards that includes phrases such as:

“Powerful thighs”
“Winking at old people”
“Making a duck face”

It’s important to note that these are some tamer examples of the cards you might find within the game and this is definitely not a game to play with children or if you are easily offended. Punchlines also include topics which really shouldn’t be laughed about like cancer, African children, amputees and so on.

The cards vary depending on the pack you choose so if you want to buy Cards Against Humanity as a gift for a friend, check if they own any other sets first and if certain sets might be more suitable.

If you’re not a fan of sick jokes, you might not find Cards Against Humanity very funny, however most people who have played it are overwhelmingly of the attitude that it’s hilarious in a “so wrong but so funny” kind of way. It’s probably partly because the resulting jokes are so taboo that it’s possible to get such a thrill out of playing it.

Additional rules and game variations

In addition to the basic rules, there are various other ways to play the game.

* Gambling a point because you have more than one white card that you think is a potential winner.

* Playing the “make a Haiku” black card to end the game.

* Trade in a point to return your selection of white cards to the deck and choose another ten.

* Drawing two white cards to fill in the blanks of black cards labelled “pick 2”, to allow for more playing options

* Picking a random white card every round which belongs to an imaginary player

* Playing without a Card Czar and voting for the best joke

These are just a few of the options available. Cards Against Humanity can really be played in any way you like, with any variation of rules or play options that create the funniest game. Playing it as a drinking game is also a popular option and makes the jokes seem that bit funnier as more alcohol is consumed and the whole group dissolves into giggles.

Where can you buy Cards Against Humanity

The game is available pretty much anywhere in the world and can be ordered online for $25 for the main sets and $10 for the expansion packs. Certain editions such as the Canadian, Australian and UK versions of the game can only be bought in their respective countries.

Most people start out with the basic set and then create a bigger set of cards by adding expansion packs. The expansion packs also come with blank cards so you can use your twisted sense of humour to create new dark and terrible jokes.

Examples of special edition expansion packs currently available include The 90s Revival Pack, Holiday Packs, The Geek Pack (including references to D&D, Game of Thrones etc.), and the Jew Pack.

Have you read enough about the game and you’re ready to start playing? Ready to start offending your friends and family while laughing harder than you’ve ever laughed before? Wanting to know where can you buy Cards Against Humanity right now? You’re in luck because Cards Against Humanity can be ordered directly from your computer and be at your door within just a few days. Buy Cards Against Humanity now.

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